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Saltsburg, Tocantins

Price: 2746 anos is a new and updated ICO Coin site that enables you to discover everything about the ICO coins. It has everything from Pre-ICOs to Ongoing ICOs to Upcoming ICOs, along with the information about what they are and what are their main features.
You can also demand to join the new ICO if you already own the one. For this, go to the Contact tab, and your request will be sent.

What Is Cryptocurrency?
When trading virtually through digital assets, virtual cash is used, and that virtual or digital money is called as digital currency. Furthermore, the procedure related to this trade is called as cryptography. Cryptocurrency is also called a subset of virtual money.

What is ICO?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a process in which a company involves those financial specialists who are planning to accomplish something in virtual currency. You can compare ICO with the initial public offering in which the financial specialist buys shares of an association.

Describe Tokens?
A token is a piece of virtual money, but it doesn't have any blockchain and depends on different Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Further, tokens are sold to the general audience between ICO campaigns.

What Are The Dangers Of Participating In ICO?
When engage in ICO, you are not guaranteed that the token you will pick will succeed; it's either with their ICO or in their future improvement. This implies you should just contribute that much amount which you can bear to lose. Contact tab to communicate something specific.

What is a Pre-ICO?
Pre-ICO is the latest sensation in the domain of digital currency. It allows pionners to purchase tokens before the genuine the real crowdsale starts. Likewise, it offers tokens at less cost and also gets less support than the actual, main ICO. It additionally utilizes a different contract from the fundamental ICO to easily record and review with ease.

What is an upcoming ICO?
The upcoming ICO will enable you to read thoroughly about the organization before you partake in the real deal. Also, it will give you the review of the organization's whitepaper before you take part in token deal. With upcoming ICO, you will have all the data already.

What is ongoing ICO?
These are those ICOs which are active and offer their main token at the sale. At this site , you will find the ongoing ICO and will get the chance to read about them with ease.

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2746 anos
Published on
Saltsburg, Tocantins

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Safety Tips

  • Review the descriptions of the item carefully.
  • Be very cautious on items with irrelevant or exaggerated descriptions, it might be a scam.
  • If the offer sounds too good to be true verify by meeting up.
  • Only meet in a public place like malls or restaurants when meeting with the buyer/seller.
  • To assure that the item is not stolen, always ask to check the original receipt, proof of purchase, legal documents or verify thru police inquiry.
  • When in doubt on the authenticity of the item, have it check at an authorized shop or boutique.